Securing Life’s Journey,
One Passage at a Time

Our team helps families articulate their "vision” of the future, audit their current progress and then design a written financial plan to navigate an efficient course to that vision. We accomplish this by creating synergy among their tax efficient strategies, investments, risk management, and legacy planning. This process is ongoing with clients, from one generation to the next.

We get a myriad of questions from families introduced to our team. What do you do, how are you different, and what does this cost? Why should we change the course we’re on, or the advisors we work with? What are your returns? Do you have a process? Everyone works hard to get my business – what does the relationship look like thereafter?


We often meet families who have advisors focused on one area of planning (investments, insurance, taxes, or estate optimization) or multiple advisors charged with accomplishing each of those four planning areas. They have an investment manager who doesn’t correspond with the person who sold them insurance, who is not connected to their estate planning, and nobody is working in concert with their CPA. In short, there is no master plan creating synergy amongst all those elements of their plan.

The result: A lack of clarity on what to do next. Our clients want to know where the next dollar saved should be positioned to either enhance current happiness (spend it now!) or improve their future outcome.

If you do not have a game plan for your next “free” dollar, then we are very different, and may be able to help.

We are compensated by the assets we manage and/or the insurance we place. In short, as CFP® professionals, our team works in a fiduciary capacity to achieve your planning outcomes, compensated by the plan you expect us to grow.

Simply, if you are on the most efficient path, you shouldn’t. Our process is to understand how your current path will accomplish (or not) your intended goals and determine the benefit of making a change. We will perform an audit of a family’s current situation to determine if moving forward is mutually beneficial.

The result: No time or money is wasted. If we cannot help, we won’t.

Our job is to make sure your entire plan is focused on achieving your vision. The market, by definition, is unpredictable. No advisor, planner, broker, or wizard has clairvoyance or the ability to continually “outperform” the market.

However, tax efficient strategies, investment optimization, insurance and legacy planning can narrow the possibility of outcomes and thus achieve more predictable results. Our approach is designed to Increase the probability of reaching your vision, irrespective of daily, weekly or monthly market returns.

All investments carry some level of risk including the potential loss of all money invested. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit of protect against loss.

Yes. Our process allows us to determine the most important all-encompassing question: Is your family and ours better off in partnership moving forward, or had we never met?

How does it work:

Initial Discovery Meeting – We’ll help you articulate a vision for what you want your financial plan to achieve. We will also gather information from all that you are currently doing - investments, insurance, tax strategy, estate planning.

Plan Presentation Meeting – Between the first and second meeting, we will perform an “audit” of your current approach toward your vision and present draft one of a written financial plan. We want three specific questions answered in that second meeting:

  1. If you continue on your current trajectory, are you going to achieve your goals? Are you on the most efficient path?
  2. If not, what specific recommendations would we suggest to better align your current and future resources with your desired outcome.
  3. Is our team the right fit with whom to partner and implement these ongoing solutions?

Upon finalizing your plan, rolling over assets, and shoring up any insurance inefficiencies, you are officially on the team. As CFP® professionals, we act as fiduciaries and work closely with you to achieve your evolving vision. “Evolving” is key – every year we review with you to update your plan, look back at progress, and ahead at next steps. We will work closely with your attorney and CPA to make sure their responsibilities (document and tax return management) sync with your plan.

Oh, and we are constantly growing and learning while you do the same. Our team communicates around important topics we either become aware of via the news, other clients, our own studies, or the changing economic and financial landscape. Some clients want a check in every quarter – some clients want less. Most engage with us multiple times throughout the year as they realize we have a seat at their family’s table and want to get our insight into decisions they historically made without an outside-the-family sounding board.

In short, we are now walking your path together. More insight. More accountability. More support. More fun. Less worry.

“A journey ends where it begins. A passage is one leg of that journey.”

We want to help our clients secure and enjoy the journey they are on, by focusing on each passage along the way. If the above resonates, let’s connect to determine your current course.

Our team is one of the best.

Forbes has recognized Royce Zimmerman as one of the top financial security professionals in the country. Many thanks to our hardworking team, amazing clients, and partnership with Northwestern Mutual. This would not have been possible without you.